'If you think hiring a Professional is expensive, try hiring an Amateur'

Red Adair

It’s not the ‘cost’ that’s important … it’s how much value you get from the work

Having said that, our fees are not high, and they are always:

  • Open and transparent
  • Come with our ‘best rate guarantee’ (we look at what you want to achieve and then organise it so you can get maximum impact for minimum investment)
  • Come with our ‘no nonsense guarantee’: if you’re not happy, then please let us know, we’ll listen and put it right … if you’re still not happy, just pay us what you think our work has been worth to you

You can contact us here for an open discussion and quote without obligation at any time

Below are the guide prices for booking a Sales Through Service accredited and licensed Business Adviser, Coach or Trainer to work with you to build Sales Through Service (and reduce your costs!)

Sales Through Service is available as training, coaching, audit, accreditation and licensing to any organisation, large or small wanting to make life more rewarding!

If you’re interested in licensing our brands and processes as a Business Adviser to win and keep clients yourself … please click here for details.

Customer feedback using 'Investors in Feedback' processes

You only pay for results

  • Standard rate is £6 per result
  • Extra services and charges by agreement, depending on complexity of work / details of your needs
Business surgery

We spend a day (or more) with you, listening and auditing: you get valuable advice and an in depth action plan.

  • £670 (fixed rate, per d
Fixed rate continuous support

By far our most popular service: coaching, training and general advice

  • Monthly support: £340 / month
  • Bi-monthly support: £185 / month (the most popular choice)
  • Quarterly support: £130 / month

(Suitable for SMEs who need support on a regular basis after more intense work – this is a guide only and we will quote based on the size, location and complexity of your situation)

Licensing you to use our processes internally

Get trained up on our systems and processes, and train and coach them internally yourself, with support as and when you need it

  • Licences start at £49 per month (please contact us for a chat, so we can assess your needs)
Audit and accreditation: Investors in Feedback

Auditing and accrediting your people and/or systems to award you ‘Investors in Feedback’ status

  • Usually circa £55 per month

Includes 6 monthly visits to your place of work

Full day training

Many full day and half day high impact training sessions available from our portfolio

  • Rate is £1169 for 1 day or £699 for half day: (20% discount available for bookings of more than 1 session)

Coaching in our systems and processes

  • Ad hoc coaching: Circa £130 / hour (20% discount on time of 2 hours or more)
  • Best value is to agree a programme of fixed rate continuous support
Booking Guy Arnold in person

Guy has limited availability to work with clients direct. Fees are in the region of:

  • Full day training : £1950
  • Key Note Speaking: £950
  • Ad hoc Coaching: £550 per 2 hours

Please note all work is:

  • Plus VAT and relevant expenses
  • Subject to our standard booking terms and conditions (no cancellation fee is charged for cancellations of more than 2 weeks notice, full fee may be charged for cancellations of less than 2 weeks notice)
  • Travel time of > 2hrs charged at 50% time

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What is 'Sales Through Service'?

About Guy Arnold

 Guy is the published author of 'Great or Poor', and 'Sales through Service'. He works with Business Advice Organisations (large and small), offering simple and hugely powerful advice, audit and accreditation systems to their clients that generate cross sales, repeat sales, referrals and reputation sales to both parties. He believes this is perhaps the single most critical area for businesses to focus on in this new age of the empowered customer and social media.

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By far the best way to contact us is by: Email: support@salesthroughservice.com 

Or call 07990 550057

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