We trust you’ve read our blog, Why your Customer Feedback is a pain in the arse to you and your customer … and what to do about it. Now, the real question is:

‘OK: so what do I do about it?’

To help you solve this problem, here are 8 Key Steps to make Customer Feedback work for you.

Step 1: don’t follow the herd! If other companies customer feedback services aren’t working for them, it won’t work for you. This is a new area that needs careful planning and professional execution.

Step 2: don’t engage an amateur: you wouldn’t ask your stationery supplier to do your accountancy, so don’t get your marketers to do your feedback and engagement! And don’t do it cheaply either! What does it say about you and your Organisation if your feedback system is cheap and poorly thought through and executed? … Exactly.

Step 3: use the right process for your market. Your relationship with your customer will determine what type and system will work best for you. Are you transactional, emotional, relationship or partnership? All 4 are very different and each needs a different approach and follow up.

Step 4: focus on your Customers’ REAL Needs: this process needs to build on the customers experience, not annoy them! You need to design it very carefully as a considered part of a remarkable customer experience. Don’t violate them by buggering it up! Tip: follow step 3, use open questions and practice empathetic listening.

Step 5: respond to every feedback and turn it into a triumph… however, make sure this is a separate process. All feedback needs to be responded to genuinely, and followed up (as we cover in Step 7 below). If you don’t respond to the customer, this will just increase their violation and reinforce their (possibly true in many cases) belief that you don’t give a damn. This is a customer reputation, loyalty and engagement process, not a PR exercise! You’re better not giving any type of feedback service, than giving one and not responding: if you do not follow up feedback, your customer will just feel ignored.

Step 6: use ‘Elastic & Velcro’ marketing systems. These are powerful but very subtle, step by step systems to turn feedback into repeat sales, cross sales, up sales and referrals. Don’t confuse these with the normal ‘sledgehammer’ marketing approach: these are subtle and pull the customer, rather than push them.

Step 7: put in a simple step by step learning and improvement system. We call this ‘Go the Extra Inch’. No explanation needed I’m sure, it’s common sense!

Step 8: reward and engage your customer! Your customer needs to know that you genuinely care, you genuinely value their input, and you genuinely believe that this process is the most powerful business improvement and customer loyalty system in the world. Because it is.

(And make sure the engage and reward system is easy to implement, powerful and worthwhile).

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