I’m sure everyone is already aware of the awesome powers of online reviews and customer reputation: your PR, marketing and reputation is no longer under your control… it’s out there with your customer.

  • Helpful or unhelpful
  • Right or wrong
  • Intelligent or unintelligent
  • Positive or negative

The customer can review you at the touch of a button, and make or break you almost overnight.

But most business sectors have felt ‘almost unscathed’ by this so far: customers haven’t woken up at all to the awesome power that they have. The only sector that really noticed it has been the hospitality sector, due to the early success of TripAdvisor … and it caused chaos and turmoil in that sector, with business owners doing one of two things:

  • Complaining how ‘wrong’ it was, like King Cnut, before quickly going out of business
  • Embracing it as a huge opportunity for free PR and customer reputation and loyalty, before expanding and making millions

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg: you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Google are now moving full steam into the ‘customer feedback’ arena, with ‘Google My Business’ and ‘Google Local’.

And most businesses are facing it like the emperor with no clothes.

Many don’t even know about it … and the risk (or opportunity) it presents.

This is a MASSIVE risk, for those who are unprepared in full, and a MASSIVE opportunity for those who have anticipated it and are sailing with the tide.

Where are you and your business and what are you doing about it?

(p.s. There are simple powerful tools that you can easily and cheaply employ to not only mitigate the risk, but also supercharge your business for free … and most of your competitors are as clueless as you about them: if you want to REALLY get ahead, you need to take action.)

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