We are constantly asked by our customers:

‘How can I get my people more empowered or engaged?’

As well as,

‘What can I do to get my people more enthusiastic (and have less need for me to keep supervising them)?’

So, here in a nutshell, is a simple plan to address these types of question effectively.

The 4 hot steps:

Step 1: have a clear and compelling purpose above that of ‘making money’. We call this a ‘Customer Focused Mission’.

  • Your people will expect to be paid fairly and expect to be working for an Organisation that makes a decent profit, but what really creates most interest is ‘doing something worthwhile’ and ‘making a difference to people’, with their time.
  • (And if this isn’t the case with your business or sounds a bit ‘namby-pamby’, then please ensure you take a deep look at your market, then ask yourself ‘What does the long term look like?’ and have a robust and quick exit strategy in place for when it all falls to pieces). Remember: when vultures get hungry they attack each other …

Step 2: filter all your people processes through their REAL (emotional) needs. All your processes should fulfil the following essential criteria:

  • Trust: your people need to have robust trust in you and your organisation.
  • Easy life: your systems need to be focused on making their lives as easy and rewarding as reasonably possible: physically and emotionally.
  • Attention: your people need to feel like you GENUINELY care about them and their well-being through all you say and do: this is about leading by example and avoiding real or perceived lip service at all costs.

Step 3: have ‘lead measures’ of internal and external customer opinion, engagement and loyalty, using professionally designed proactive processes. This is a vitally important area and is also one that most organisations get spectacularly wrong:

  • if you want engagement, you must have measures for it and feedback to tell you what to do to improve it.

Step 4: continually improve (using the feedback from step 3 above) in small steps. Make a pedantic point of publishing feedback, thanking people and telling people what you’re doing about it. Have fun, high impact ‘thankyou’ gestures that can be used often. Let your people lead you into what they want through ‘Go the Extra Inch Processes’: after all, they’re the experts in what they like and find energising!

OK, so this isn’t perhaps what you were expecting- often these sorts of articles suggest that there’s a ‘universal panacea quick fix’ solution to engaging and empowering your people.

The truth is, there isn’t and it isn’t easy.

Research shows:

  • Over 85% of workers (and 80% of managers) aren’t ‘passionately engaged’ with what their employer does
  • Over 60% of workers couldn’t accurately name their organisation’s top 3 goals
  • Of the remaining 40%, less than 30% of them could clearly tell you how their role contributes to the goals
  • More worryingly, almost 30% of workers would describe themselves as ‘actively disengaged’ at their work!
  • 79% of organisations believe they have a significant attraction and engagement problem
  • Productivity in the UK is amongst the lowest % in Europe

It this wasn’t the case then we‘d be seeing people a lot more engaged at work in general!

So, if you’re up to it, start working on these steps, and as you use them continually and genuinely you’ll have your socks blown off about how effective they are.

If you’d like more information on this article and how to help your people to be more engaged or enthusiastic, please contact us at support@salesthroughservice.com