Sales Through Service is a set of simple, proven powerful systems to super charge your sales over the short, medium and long term, by focusing exclusively on the needs of the customer. The system:

It is based on the principles outlined in the books by Guy Arnold: ‘Sales Through Service’ and ‘Great or Poor’.


  • Increases marketing effectiveness whilst also reducing cost
  • Increases potential customers’ willingness to engage with you
  • Increases sales results
  • Enhances your reputation
  • Increases cross sales, up sales and repeat sales
  • Systematically generates high levels of referrals
  • Whilst also reducing costs

Focus on the service now and the sales will follow!

It also includes all the principles and systems in the ‘Investors in Feedback’ brand: click here for more details on this.

It is available as:

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  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales (and what to do about them)
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Service (and what to do about them)
  • The ‘Quick and Dirty Guide to Sales Success in the 21st Century’

History: (the boring part of this page: that’s’ why it’s at the bottom)

‘Sales Through Service’  is a set of simple but powerful systems, focused obsessively on the needs of the customer, that measurably builds sales, whilst at the same time reducing cost (especially marketing cost) and build reputation and loyalty.

It is the product of over 15 years research and 30 years experience in customer service and sales, by serial entrepreneur and ex award winning publican and FTSE 100 Company director, Guy Arnold.

Guy has won many awards for sales over his career, and has also turned around over 30 struggling businesses by focusing obsessively on the customer experience and how to convert excellence in this area into sales.

When Guy was researching a training programme for a FTSE 100 Comapny on ‘Customer Service’, he found that there were no systems on the market that could do 2 things:

  1. Generate measurable and reliable results
  2. Systematically link sales and service to ensure investment in service is rewarded by results

In effect, after all this research, he concludes that ‘Sales’ and ‘Service’ should in effect be the same thing:

  • The only way to effectively ‘sell’ is by creating genuine customer demand (this is called ‘service’)
  • The only purpose of ‘service’ is to make more sales (over the long term)

Of course this is blindingly obvious common sense … but how many organisations have either recognised this, or even taken action based on this.

Sales Through Service delivers simple powerful systems that you can get access to through this website at fixed and reasonable rates. Click here to sign up to our free (and without any obligation) email top tips and videos list.

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What is 'Sales Through Service'?

About Guy Arnold

 Guy is the published author of 'Great or Poor', and 'Sales through Service'. He works with Business Advice Organisations (large and small), offering simple and hugely powerful advice, audit and accreditation systems to their clients that generate cross sales, repeat sales, referrals and reputation sales to both parties. He believes this is perhaps the single most critical area for businesses to focus on in this new age of the empowered customer and social media.

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