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Author, Speaker, Coach, and Sales & Service Guru

Guy is the published author of

  • ‘Great or Poor: a proactive approach to reputation management and sales building that pays for itself’, and
  • ‘Sales through Service: a simple and effective system to deliver sales through customer loyalty and advocacy’.

His 3rd book will be called ‘Go the Extra inch: a simple system to empower people to consistently deliver great results and continually improve what they do’

He works with Organisations (large and small) to help them build sales through proactively engaging with customers, producing a great reputation, and generating cross sales, repeat sales, referrals and reputation sales (whilst at the same time reducing costs).

He suggests that this the single most critical area for businesses to focus on in this new age of the empowered customer and social media.

Guy is also a sought after coach and speaker on sales, service and personal responsibility. He has limited availability, so please contact us sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

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Timely Material

Sales Through Service is a totally new approach to selling: based on the needs of the customer (not of the monthly targets!), that seriously boosts your sales over the long term, whilst also creating a fantastic reputation, customer loyalty and referrals … whilst also reducing your advertising and marketing cost.

This is the age of the empowered customer and the transparent business: this is the age of Sales Through Service.

Innovative Ideas

Whilst our systems and ideas are truly innovative, they are based on the age old principles of common sense.

The only problem with common sense is that it’s often not that common!

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You want clear communication in everything: communication is critical to helping you deliver great results for minimum impact.

We therefore aim to also be easy to contact and willing to talk, to help you out with your issues … whatever they may be!

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What is 'Sales Through Service'?

About Guy Arnold

 Guy is the published author of 'Great or Poor', and 'Sales through Service'. He works with Business Advice Organisations (large and small), offering simple and hugely powerful advice, audit and accreditation systems to their clients that generate cross sales, repeat sales, referrals and reputation sales to both parties. He believes this is perhaps the single most critical area for businesses to focus on in this new age of the empowered customer and social media.

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